Sunday, October 10, 2010

Linux My passion

In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows? this is absolutely true my friends. I had been working in windows for last 5 years. I had Windows Vista in my HP - Notebook.  All things were going well in Windows. Suddenly I formatted my computer due to some virus stuffs and I also lost my Recovery CD of HP. I had no choice, but to install Pirated Windows 7(As I already spent money in original OS). It was a cracked version. Things were going well, but one day when i tried to upgrade this copy of Windows, it was checked by Microsoft and I then noticed that in the bottom right hand corner of my desktop, I have a new tag:
Windows 7
Evaluation copy. Build 7100
This copy of Windows is not genuine
 After some time time situation became more worst when my system was not booting properly. I had lost all my installed softwares and also some useful data that was in C Drive.
 Than i formatted my system and installed Ubuntu 10.04 along with another pirated copy of Windows 7 in my system. It is called as Dual Boot.Then I used to spend my most of time in Ubuntu. It was very exciting part of computer life. As user interface of Ubuntu is far far better then Windows. and most of work done by command line itself. So many new things were there to learn.As there is no need to download softwares separately  because they all are available in Synaptic manager. What you need an Internet connection. It will automatically install selected software. or we can install it by a simple command sudo apt-get install <softwarename> (sudo apt-get install firefox). Once you have typed this hit “Enter” and Konsole will ask for your root password. Type in your password and hit “Enter. Now you can enjoy Firefox. similarly any software can be installed totally free unlike from Windows.

You can install applications from, The Ubuntu Software Center also.It  gives you instant access to thousands of open-source and carefully selected free applications. for example, if you want to install VLC Media Player. Then go to
Applications --> Ubuntu Software Centre. After opening it, go to Get Software. and in the top right corner type VLC. then click install Button.

as installation completes, you can find it at Applications --> Sound & Video --> VLC media player. now can enjoy your favorite Music and Movies. 

you can also install applications from Synaptic Manager. To launch Synaptic, choose SystemAdministrationSynaptic Package Manager on the desktop menu system.
you will find synaptic manager window will open as shown below. If you want to install English dictionary eg artha . then go to Search tool bar. type artha.  rigth click on it. and select mark for installation . and click Apply on the top button bar. Synaptic will then download and install artha from the online repositories.  you can find it at ApplicationsAccessories Artha. and now you can find any new word in Artha. 

last but not least way is Apprn . It is a web-based package browser that install applications on  Ubuntu.  This is a web interface for APT system, and the package is downloaded and installed from Ubuntu/Third-party repositories.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Outing to Nandi Hills

It was a my first outing outside bangalore with my Sony Colleagues. Actually we had a list of places to visit like Shivasamudram ,Mysore ,Madikeri,....  But suddenly we(7 friends) planed to visit Nandi Hills. We started in early morning @ 9 o'clock from Bangalore in car(obviously It was not ours).We enjoyed all the greenery, coconut palm trees and beautiful sceneries in the way along with full Music.
                We had delicious South Indian Breakfast in the way @ a restaurant in Devanahalli.

We reached Nandi Hills @ 11am. This place was beyond my expectations. Real Nature.. It was amzing.. Kasam se maza aa gaya. What  a wonderful place that i visited so far !
Panoramic view from top of hill
My Gang 

After reaching nandi Hills , we started tracking there and enjoying complete natural surroundings far far away from daily busy life. We went to the hill part and enjoyed panoramic view of hill.
Most adventuress part of Trip
At hill a monkey was trying to rob my bag(perhaps hoping to get something for breakfast). he was threatening me and there was a great battle between him and me . By God I, finally won the battle and got my bag back.

We came across a restaurant for lunch which had a great view as it was built at the edge of the cliff Hotel Mayura. after lunch I planned to visit the Nandi Temple, here we(only 3 of us) went inside the temple premises and It was Ganesh Chaturthi that day, so crowd was there. We went around the temple premises to find a small pound which was built for storing water. It was peaceful and the architecture was beautiful

we then  proceeded to hill again and explored new paths across the hill. we
also visited a some beautiful gardens

Then we left this place about 5 in evening.We visited an old temple nearby Nandi Hills and M Visvesvaraya's (one of the earliest recipients of the Bharat Ratna) birthplace Muddenahalli. We were back in Bangalore @ 8 o'clock. 
It was a wonderful trip with my friends. 

Last but not Least:-  I have written so much about our funny trip. But most important part is still missing, What is Nandi Hills and How to reach there?

About Nandi Hills:- It is a hill station about 1,478 mt. above sea level and 65 km from Bangalore, in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka. It is awesome for Sunset/Sunrise view. And if u have bike/car then you can enjoy early morning drive. Lovers and  honeymooners, in search of a quiet, beautiful place, Nandi Hills is the Best place. 

How to Reach:- If u have car/bike, then take the 6 lane Bellary road towards the new Bangalore International Airport and drive on the highway till Devanahalli. Continue on the highway and after a 5 minute drive from Devanahalli, you will see a left turn which takes you to Nandi Hills. 
you can take bus from Majestic Bus Terminus, Bangalore.

Accommodation:- For those who want to stay through the night, government accommodation(typical PWD guest house) is available in limited numbers but no other options.

Be careful:- Be careful with monkeys on the hill as i already discussed an incident that happened with me. Avoid keeping eatables in the hand. Also, there are many dogs, so be careful.

i am novice in Bloging. So your comments are most encouraged bad or good.